Commercial Irrigation

Commercial Irrigation Services | Evergreen Sprinkler

We service, repair, upgrade, maintain, and install all types of commercial irrigation systems. We focus on efficiency and proper coverage to maintain the most effective watering, using the least amount of water!

Steps to a Successful Commercial Landscape Irrigation System

As part of your commercial landscape irrigation system we will provide the following:

Proper System Design
A properly designed system will help ensure all your plant material (grass, flowers, etc) gets the proper amount of water at the right time, without dry spots, run-off, or over-watering. Our irrigation experts will consider the following when designing your system:

  • Lot configuration
  • Placement of sidewalks, driveways, patios, decks, etc.
  • Location and type of various plant materials
  • Water pressure
  • System design for future expansion
  • Permits We will secure all required permits for your irrigation system.
  • Mark-out We will arrange to mark utility lines on your property prior to any digging. We ask that you mark your property as well for any other buried items, such as invisible fences and septic systems, etc.
  • Water Main Tie-In Our trained technicians will perform the tie-in to your main water line at the water meter.
  • Backflow Prevention We will install a backflow prevention device near the water meter. This will prevent bacteria and contaminants from entering your potable water supply.
  • Irrigation Zones Large turf areas will require rotary head zones. Mist head zones will primarily irrigate shrub or plant areas. Each zone is irrigated by one or more valves and several types of heads. Our designer will establish these zones with plants that would be watered on a similar irrigation schedule.

Irrigation Controller and Rain Sensor

The controller, which can be installed in your garage, utility room, or outside, is programmed to activate each zone of your irrigation system on schedule. The rain sensor is used to prevent the system from irrigating during periods of rain to conserve water.

A properly designed, installed, and maintained landscape irrigation system can bring many benefits.

  • Create and Maintain a Beautiful Environment with lush grass and vibrant foliage.
  • Protect your Investment in landscaping by ensuring each plant receives the right amount of water at the right times.
  • Increase Your Property Resale Value and Curb Appeal with eye catching landscaping that is properly irrigated.
  • Conserve Water through programming, and proper coverage on sunlit and shaded areas.
  • Ensure You’re Lawn and Plants are Properly Watered With automatic controllers and your landscape will always be irrigated even while you are away!


  • Our irrigation experts will program your controller to help ensure your plant materials get the right amount of water at the right times. A properly programmed system can also help minimize runoff and evaporation to conserve water and save you money.

Digging and Clean Up

  • We use several techniques to minimize the impact of our digging. Once complete, we will remove all construction debris prior to our departure. We will also tamp down the sod over installed irrigation lines. Any rocks uncovered during installation will be removed as well. While some scarring and uneven ground is inevitable, we will make every reasonable effort to protect the appearance of your turf and plant beds.

Local Building Codes

  • We install new systems as per local codes and guidelines

Irrigation System Training

  • One of our team members will go over your system with you to point out sprinkler heads and describe system operation.

Commercial Warranty

  • New irrigation system installations come with a 1 year warranty on parts and 1 year warranty on labor. Extended service contracts are available.