Timeclocks and Controllers

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What Is A Sprinkler Timer?

A sprinkler timeclock controller is an electronic device which can be attached to any particular type of sprinkler system. They work by being pre-set to a specific time to switch on and off and water the gardens for specific timing intervals. The sprinkler timer is also used to control the water pressure in which the sprinkler sets off. Low pressure and high pressure are 2 of the main settings which all sprinkler timers operate on. The sprinkler timer is also equipped to operate in 15, 20, 30 and 60-minute intervals. You are the one who chooses a time, which all depends on your gardens needs.

Residential Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems are great and handy to have installed into the residential landscaping. They take the hassle out of standing around watering your gardens with a garden hose. They provide an efficient water source for your gardens beautiful flowers, shrubs, and plants. They also help conserve water wastage and provide the gardens with just the right amount of water and nutrition they require. They are available in various different styles and purposes. Some are connected to garden taps and some are installed directly into the ground it all depends on your personal preferences.

Modern Sprinkler Timers

Sprinkler timers have advanced in technology over the last decade. There are far more advanced systems which operate the entire sprinkler system which ranges from switching on and off to adjust to seasonal changes. These types of sprinkler timers are remarkably easy and simple to use and they operate with precision. Watering schedules can be placed with one touch of a button. Sophisticated programming can also be done on a sprinkler timer by following the required instructions.

Modern sprinkler timers work like a small computer system. They have screens and can be operated simply. Most modern sprinkler timers are touch screen operated so all homeowners have to do is choose there preferred settings and the sprinkler timer does the rest for you.

The Benefits of Sprinkler Timers

There are many outstanding benefits of purchasing and using a sprinkler timer for your property.

Not only for those days when you have forgotten about the yard but for those times when you retreat to a great holiday and don’t need to worry about the gardens of your residential properties.

Here is a list of the many benefits in which sprinkler timers can offer your property:

1. Total sprinkler system manager. They will completely run and operate the entire sprinkler system.

2. Timers are engineered to save water.

3. Sprinkler timers are designed to be used by homeowners and professional landscapers to operate extensively easy.

4. All sprinkler timers are able to adjust automatically to season changes when the plants need more watering.

5. Programmed schedules will ensure the gardens, landscaping and turf will receive a sufficient amount of water daily.

6. Sprinkler timers are operated by electricity and need to be plugged into an outdoor power outlet.

  • Stations. Maximum number of valve stations. The actual number of stations may be less depending on which model is purchased. In most cases you need one station for each automatic valve.
  • Delay A delay can be programmed between valve stations to allow time for slow closing valves to close fully. Another important feature if you have a pump, or if you have low water pressure.
  • Programs. Number of programs available. Each program can have different start times, operation days, and run times for the irrigation valve stations. You need to use different programs for areas with different water requirements. For example a lawn might need to be watered every other day, but drought tolerant shrubs might need watering only once a week or less. Without separate programs they would both be watered on the same days and the shrubs might drown. More programs allows more flexibility resulting in water savings and healthier plants. Most homes need at least 2 programs, one for the lawn and one for the shrubs. Few homes need more than 4 programs.
  • Smart Controller. A “Smart Controller” adjusts the watering schedule by itself throughout the year. Smart controllers are quickly becoming mandatory by law in much of the Western and Southern USA. To read more on Smart Controllers see the Smart Controller FAQ. If the controller has Smart features the following key indicates what system is used:
  • Historical. Adjusts watering based on historical water use records.
  • HS Historical with a sensor. Fine tunes historic data using current condition sensor.
  • OS Off-site data via phone, radio, Internet, etc.
  • WS Weather station. Has it’s own weather station.
  • MS Uses a soil moisture sensor.
  • Master Valve Has a control circuit for a master valve and/or pump start switch. An important feature if you use a pump.
  • Rain Sensor Has a circuit for attaching a rain sensor. Shuts down if rain detected (typically the sensor itself is not included.)
  • Non Volatile Memory is non-volatile, retains data without a battery even in a power failure.