Water Savings

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With the use of the latest technology, our expert technicians can make any irrigation system more efficient, lowering your monthly water bill through the more precise application of water.

Many sprinkler systems installed in the last 25 years no longer meet nationally recognized water efficiency standards. We can analyze your system and recommend enhancements and renovations that can dramatically improve its performance, reducing water waste.
Rain Bird rain sensor for sprinkler system | Evergreen Sprinkler & Landscaping
We can install rain sensors on any existing systems.

Please use this helpful link to stay informed on current watering restrictions and schedules within the South Florida area.

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Water efficiency programs | Evergreen Sprinkler & Landscaping Services

Water Efficiency:

  • Systems designed according to latest guidelines including matched precipitation sprinklers for even coverage without water waste.

Lower Operating Cost:

  • Leading manufacturers have made new advances in irrigation nozzle patterns that reduce water usage by 1/3 without compromising coverage. This is beneficial for large communities that depend on city water supplies and are located near coastal areas.
  • We can design your system to be efficient and eliminate overspray and water waste. An upgrade will allow you to reduce water costs and save substantial money over time.


  • Self-adjusting “smart” timers that adjust themselves automatically to local weather conditions, by allowing watering only when truly needed, these controllers typically save 20-30% in water use.


  • A rain sensor can be installed on any existing system that will automatically turn off the controller when rainfall settings are met. (Properly-operating rain sensors are mandated by law on all new installations.)


  • A rain sensor turns off the power to automatic valves when rainfall is detected. When the sensor dries out, it turns the power back on so the valves can operate again.

Mist Heads:

  • Tall pop-up sprinklers that can be hidden to rise above shrubbery when watering and then disappear from sight, eliminating unsightly white PVC pipes around your home.

Ask us about any of these upgrades for your system