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Home landscaping is one of the most decorative features of your home. The landscape can add substantial value to your residential home or commercial property. It also provides a stunning and visually pleasing area which consists of flowers, plants, trees, and lighting. Landscape may not come with the home you purchase or build yourself but it is a gracious part of planning the ideal home.

The benefits of selecting new plants add color and life to the exterior of your home. We can install trees to create a shaded area or hedges to create privacy using different types of plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs which are most suitable for the surrounding areas of your home. Every area of your landscape is ideal for some kind of plant. We can design a layout for your landscape to include the most appropriate plants.

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Another factor to consider is colors. When plants are in their blooming season, colors should compliment your landscape surroundings, especially if there is a certain theme of your garden. A lush, green lawn between your planting areas can add great curb appeal to your home.

Selecting a variety of plants combined with perennials and annuals for year-round color that bloom with each season. Create flower beds to accent walkways or to line the home’s perimeter, using curves or lines based on your garden style. There is nothing more eye-catching than a tropical garden which features many tropical and native plants. Tropical plants show their beauties during the warmer months of the year. But they still look great during the winter months.

Landscaping Design | Evergreen Sprinkler & Landscaping ServicesThe use of mulch is very beneficial to your landscape. Mulch conserves moisture by protecting the soil surface from water loss helping to reduce the need for additional irrigation. Mulch also maintains soil temperatures for better root production and helps reduce weed growth, which competes with your plants for moisture and nutrients. An alternative would be a decorative stone which comes in a variety of size and colors.

We take pride in being a leading, full-service South Florida landscaping contractor. We have been dedicated to providing trained, professional, quality landscaping services. We are a full-service contractor who has been in business for over fifteen years. Evergreen is fully licensed and insured, your satisfaction is always our number one priority.

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