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We offer Hunter Sprinkler Systems service, repair, and maintenance from controllers and valves to mist heads and rotors. Hunter made its reputation on the quality, reliability and their innovative feature found in its rotary sprinkler line and continues to set the benchmark by which other manufacturer’s rotors are judged. We service and maintain all types of residential and commercial properties throughout Palm Beach, Broward and Martin Counties.
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We service, maintain and repair systems from ICC and Pro-C Series Controllers to the new modular-based I-Core and ACC Controllers. We also have a large selection of Toro Sprinkler System manuals to download for free.

We use the latest test equipment to troubleshoot your system, track wires or find any valve that is malfunctioning and cannot be located.

New Hunter Sprinkler Systems

rain sensor for sprinkler system | Evergreen Sprinkler & Landscaping ServiceHunter Sprinkler Systems are very user-friendly.

The Pro-C Series Controller is great for residential and light commercial applications for your property. We can design and install a system to meet your needs. These controllers can accept smart sensors which will detect sun, wind, and rain and will adjust your controller automatically according to the current weather conditions.

The many benefits of these controllers make for a great operating system with easy use and dependability.

Commercial and Golf Systems

Hunter’s ACC 2-wire Controller is great for country club communities and retrofitting antiquated hydraulic systems with the newest technology for years of dependable service. We design these systems with many benefits, such as limiting lightning strikes with the use of grounding plates. The 2- wire system is just as it sounds, there are 2 wires which run throughout the system and send signals to decoders that tell the valve when to open and close. The ACC Controller can operate hundreds of vales with one controller eliminating the need for multiple controllers. This design eliminates numerous 14 gauge wires or in some cases hundreds. Copper wire can act like a magnet and attract lightning strikes to a bundle of wires making costly repairs to reconnect multiple or in some cases hundreds of wires which can be a huge expense. Some additional benefits of these controllers are installing a remote control device which makes servicing the system more efficient eliminating having to be at the controller. Flow sensors can be installed to monitor the flow and gallon usage within the system on a daily, weekly or yearly basis.

This upgrade to your system will reduce the unnecessary costly monthly repairs associated with maintaining and running your systems. Whichever series you choose there will be a greater return on your investment with a system upgrade.

Please contact our office with any questions you may have regarding the installation or upgrading of these systems for your property.