Toro Sprinkler Hydraulic Upgrades


  • There have been many advances in irrigation systems that were installed in the 70’s and 80’s. With the use of digital controllers and smart sensors, new system designs have become much more efficient. Toro hydraulic irrigation systems are a perfect example of highly expensive systems to maintain, from hard to find parts to repairing and troubleshooting leaks in the system.
  • These systems are predominantly installed in commercial properties and can become a constant burden on monthly budgets that can be avoided with an upgrade. We have proven to many communities that these upgrades can decrease the monthly expense associated with maintaining an irrigation system.
  • Typical repair costs can go from thousands of dollars a month down to hundreds that can be used in other areas of your budget. This is a perfect example of throwing good money after bad. When combining the expense of monthly repairs, replacement of dead sod or landscaping due to the hydraulic system malfunctions, it becomes an inconvenience and unnecessary expense to your residents. We are sure you will agree that this is a smart choice.

2 Wire System Upgrades

Two-wire Controllers:

  • 2-wire controllers use only two wires.
  • A decoder is installed at each valve and receives a signal from the controller that tells it to open or close the valve.
  • Standard controllers have one individual wire going to each valve, plus a single or multiple common wires that all the valves are connected to.
  • A two-wire system saves time on troubleshooting multiple wires and is easier to expand if more valves need to be added in the future.
  • Our company uses them for Commercial properties and Toro hydraulic system upgrades.
  • This is also an ideal system for shopping centers when new buildings are being added.

Benefits of a 2 Wire System

  • A 2-wire controller can operate hundreds of valves with a single controller.
  • Here in South Florida, lightning can strike sprinkler wires and destroy systems. New technology has been developed to isolate the damage caused by lightning strikes. Grounding plates are installed between a predetermined amount of valves to limit the distance the surge can travel. With traditional 24 volt, 14 gauge wire systems, there can be hundreds of wires controlling the valves. These large bundles of wires will tend to attract more lightning. With a 2-wire system, only two wires are in the ground to run the entire system and is less susceptible to lightning strikes.