Sprinkler Installation Services

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With years of sprinkler installation experience, Evergreen Sprinkler is ready to handle any aspect of your sprinkler service needs and utilize the newest technology in water conservation for both high-tech and user-friendly controllers.

Whether installing new landscaping or carefully preserving your existing landscape, our highly trained and conscientious crews treat your home like their own.


Sprinkler Installation Standards


We install only products that have a reasonable expectation of superior performance. This does not mean that we insist on the most elaborate product, but we do demand solid, reliable products from our manufacturers. Our customers rely on us to select materials in their best interest, knowing we will strive for a better product at a reasonable price.


It is helpful to use terminology familiar in the industry to identify problems. Below are some helpful terms.

Water meter:
A device usually located in grass areas or near the street that measures the water used on the property. It is usually visible in a concrete or plastic box underground.

House main water supply:
An underground pipe that runs from the meter to the house. It is under pressure all the time and is usually the main supply for all the property. There is usually a shut-off valve located on the side of your home or near the irrigation system components.

An underground pipe that branches off from the house and distributes the water throughout the property for landscape watering. Normally it is under pressure all the time. There is sometimes a shut-off valve located at the beginning of the sprinkler main to shut off this pipe near the back flow device.

Sprinkler zone line:
Located underground that extends from the sprinkler valve out to multiple heads. It has pressure only when the sprinkler system is activated.

Sprinkler pop-up heads:
Sprinkler mist heads are stationary and have multiple nozzle patterns that spray in a variety of directions to accommodate any landscape.

Rotor head:
This type of head is used in large turf areas and can be adjusted to rotate from 30 degrees up to 360 degrees.

Used in small areas where mist heads would overspray and for newly planted trees and palms which require more water.

Controller or timer:
An electronic or electro-mechanical device that controls the automatic valves. This device controls the start-times, watering days, and duration of watering.