Toro Sprinkler Systems Service

Toro Sprinkler System Service | Evergreen Sprinkler & Landscaping Services

We service all Toro Sprinkler Systems from controllers and valves to mist heads and rotors and can update your existing unit to the new modular-based controllers.

We specialize in upgrading old hydraulic systems of all sizes. We use the latest test equipment to troubleshoot your system, track wires or find any valve that is malfunctioning and cannot be located. We also have a large selection of Toro Sprinkler System manuals to download for free.

We service and maintain all types of residential and commercial properties throughout Palm Beach, Broward and Martin Counties.

New Toro Sprinkler Systems

If a Toro Sprinkler System is your preferred choice, we can design and install a system to meet your needs from a variety of mist heads and rotors including drip lines to potted plants. We insist on installing Toro 570 Series mist heads and are stocked on every truck from 4″ to 12″. They are a proven and reliable component in any irrigation system for residential and commercial applications.

Commercial and Golf Systems

Golf Course Irrigation Systems | Evergreen Sprinkler & Landscaping ServicesToro has an excellent reputation within golf course irrigation systems such as the Sentinel which can operate hundreds of valves with a single controller. This 2 wire system is great for country club communities and retrofitting antiquated hydraulic systems with the newest technology for years of dependable service.

Toro’s Sentinel Series Controllers are ideal for commercial properties looking to upgrade to a more reliable operating system. This upgrade will reduce the unnecessary costly monthly repairs associated with maintaining and running your system.

Controllers such as the TDC Series offer outstanding performance with fewer bells and whistles than the Sentinel Series. Whichever series you choose there will be a greater return on your investment with a system upgrade.

These state of the art controllers can self-adjust the watering thru smart sensors that can monitor wind, rain, and sun. They can provide automatic daily adjustments to watering run times with additional sensors installed. Flow sensors can be installed to monitor the flow and gallon usage within the system on a daily, weekly or yearly basis.

Precision Series Spray Nozzles

Toro’s new Precision Series Spray Nozzles deliver increased efficiency over standard spray head installation. Lowering the standard precipitation rate to 1″ per hour or less, these nozzles are designed to use less water and reduce run off. These nozzles are ideal for large coastal communities using city water. They can greatly reduce water cost without compromising coverage or effectiveness.

Please contact our office with any questions you may have regarding the installation or upgrading of these systems for your property.